12 M’sian Women Who Totally Rock Short Hair

When women cut their hair shorter, people always assume they’ve broken up – why?

Although cutting one’s hair short does symbolize a change or wanting to let go, sometimes… these women probably just realized they look damn good with short hair.

Short hair isn’t “unfeminine” – in fact, it’s very much the opposite. These Malaysian women rock their short hair with style and hey, you may just be inspired to go for the chop too!

1. Aida Azrin

2. Emma Shazleen

3. Pauline Andreasa

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4. Anna Jobling

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fam day 🐰

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5. Evonne

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Okay back to being functional

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6. Aten

7. Mia Sara Shauki

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just new hair things

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8. Ili Ruzanna

9. Rubini Sambanthan

10. Hannah Azlan

11. Ashley Lau

12. Koe Yeet

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