5 M’sian Female Tattoo Artists That Are Wicked AF

A decade ago, no one would have thought that women would be inking as a profession, because let’s face it, this is an industry dominated by men.

Nowadays, more and more women are getting inked, in which a number of us are even venturing into the career of a tattoo artist. Talk about breaking taboos! No more choosing doctor, teacher or accountant as the only career option.

Just take a look at Kat Von D, who was the star of reality TV show LA Ink. Her skills are so impressive and we just can’t help but to get inspired! But did you know that Malaysia also has some pretty talented female tattoo artists? Check out these ladies in the list below and you should definitely follow them on Instagram:

1.  Nessy Voon

Source: Nessy Voon Instagram

Known for her beautiful mandala tattoo works, Nessy Voon is the person to go to if you’re looking to get a mandala inspired tattoo done. You can find her at Electric Dreams Collective.

2. Sugeeewee

We’d say her tattoo technique is totally unique and cool! Sugeeewee uses a different method of tattooing called hand poke. It’s basically using your hands to poke the needle instead of a machine like regular artists. If you’re looking to do floral, she’s your girl! Check her out at San Mao Studio.

3. Wendy Hamsy

Source: Wendy Hamsy Instagram

Hailing from Sarawak, Wendy Hamsy is a another talented tattoo artist known in the industry. She can be found at a private tattoo studio, Whisperer Tattoo in Kuching but do make sure to set an appointment first!

4. Kinki Ryusaki

Source: Kinki Ryusaki Instagram

Kinki Ryusaki is one of the most popular tattoo artist in the country. She’s talented, hot and a mother. She can be easily recognized as she has so many stunning tattoos.

5. Fin T

Fin T has some of the best tattoo works we have come across! Just drop by Pink Tattoos at Telawi Bangsar if you’re interested in getting your next tat from her.