This Gorgeous Luxury Hijab Collection Retails At RM 1,226 Each

Would you ever consider buying hijabs priced over $300 (RM 1,226) each? Well, if you have a few extra hundreds to spare, why not, right?  Especially since it’ll make you feel like a princess! #InTheNameOfFashion

Speaking of expensive hijabs, we’ve recently stumbled upon a US-based brand that produces glamorous headscarves — Haute Hijab. Founded by Melanie Elturk, its first luxury collection is to die for! Boasting lace elements, 3D motifs as well as Swarovski-encrusted designs, it’s pretty easy to see why everyone can’t stop raving about the hijabs.

On another note, although their tagline is ‘The World’s Best Hijabs For The World’s Most Powerful Women’, that doesn’t mean it’s only for “powerful lady bosses”.


In fact, Melanie explained that it was very difficult for her to find hijabs that made her feel confident while growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, USA. The only options she had were neck scarves, which were usually thick or wrongly sized. She was then forced to wear mundane hijabs from overseas that didn’t fit her style, but how is she supposed to express her personality when there are so many limitations?


So in 2010, together with her husband Ahmed Zedan, Melanie created Haute Hijab. In an interview with Bustle, Melanie said that as a Muslim-American, she wanted to have the option to express both of her American and Muslim identity while incorporating the state-side fashion to her collections.

She wanted to show that hijab can be a part of the American culture and not separate it.

The Ethereal Ivory @ Haute Hijab

“As an American who was born in Detroit, I identify most with my American culture above my Lebanese and Filipino roots.” She added, “While I take great pride in where my parents come from, my American identity is the strongest after my Muslim identity, and it’s what I identify most with. Being able to design a collection that celebrated this felt amazing.”

The Celestial Silver @ Haute Hijab

The designer first started with standard printed hijabs that can be worn daily, but as she couldn’t find the right hijab to go with her engagement day outfit, Melanie immediately became inspired to create the luxury collection.

Evidently, the exclusive hijabs are getting a lot of love from every walks of life that Haute Hijab has managed to score $2.3 million in funding this year.

The Black Tie Lace @ Haute Hijab

“On my engagement day, I spent so much time obsessing over the perfect outfit — a grand ball skirt, a sequined and beaded belt I made myself, and this luxurious silk top,” she says. “I even replaced the regular buttons on the top with crystal buttons. But then my hijab just fell flat. I wore a polyester chiffon hijab that for everyday I love — but on my engagement day, I wish I had something more elevated.”

The Rose Gold Aurora @ Haute Hijab

Honestly, we’re drooling over these beautiful hijabs. They look too pretty to wear! The five-piece collection may be extravagantly priced, ranging from $250 to $325 each (RM 1,020 – RM 1,326) but considering the intricate details, it’s worth it! The hand-crafted hijab is made from 100% silk, has delicate tulle, hand-cut lace and tiara-like designs made out of Swarovski crystals. Beautiful <3

Good news ladies, you can get your hands on Haute Hijab beautiful hijabs right here in Kuala Lumpur too!


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