There’s A New Medical Procedure That Delays Menopause By 20 Years

Omg…The beauty of science never fails to amaze us! Apparently, there’s a new medical procedure that could delay menopause by 20 years. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT.

The Sunday Times reported that IVF pioneer, Professor Simon Fishel has discovered an innovative procedure to delay the menopause by decades. The researchers experimented with nine women aged between 22 and 36, in which they found that there could be huge implications for later-life fertility.

However, this is currently only available privately for British women up to the age of 40. Professor Fishel told the Guardian said: “If a woman hasn’t met the right man or woman or wants to advance her career, or for many reasons is not able to have a baby young or in her thirties, then she could run into problems — which thousands of young women are doing — of fertility issues as she starts to think about children later on in life,” before finishing: “If she has stored her tissue when young it gives some potential insurance.”

How does it work? 

The procedure delays menopause by triggering a release of oestrogen and progesterone. They do this by freezing a young woman’s ovarian tissue and re-implanted years or decades later. He explains the process as releasing normal premenopausal hormones, which then works more rhythmically with your body than the conventional HRT alternative.

It sounds like a dream for women who aren’t ready to settle down at a young age. Although, this may come with a big price as the procedure could cost between £7,000 and £11,000 (RM 37,740 – RM 59,306). Woah!