The Ultimate Solo Female Traveller’s Guide To Guam

For babes filled with a sense of wanderlust, one of the items on our bucket list would be “travelling to an exotic location.”

Solo travel to exotic, far-flung destinations doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it can be perfectly safe, wonderful and Instagram-worthy. The exotic island of our pick, Guam, isn’t too far from us and it’s the ideal island for sunbathing, beach-exploring and VSCO-girl worthy, #nofilter pictures.

Trust us – we’re itching for an island adventure just to get away from everyone, for just a bit. We’ll be letting you in on the ultimate solo female traveller’s guide to Guam.

Getting there

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So, where exactly is Guam? The island is located in Micronesia, the Pacific Ocean, and it’s part of the United States. It’s about 14 hours away from Malaysia by flight, so it’s not as far away as visiting the US itself. If you’re not keen on super long-haul flights but eager for an exotic vacation, Guam is your best bet.

According to a poll done in 2018 by the Guam Visitors Bureau, Guam was selected as one of the world’s safest destinations for female travellers, and getting around is relatively easy if you know where you’re going.

From Guam International Airport, e-hailing apps and taxis are available for you to book a ride to your hotel. If you hold an international drivers’ license, you can rent a car from the service desks at the airport. 

Places to visit & things to do

1. Signature beaches

Shark’s Cove | Source: The Guam Guide

Guam has a range of the world’s most beautiful beaches to sunbathe, explore, and soak up all the good vibes. Here are some of our favourites. There’s Tanguisson Beach, filled with multiple rock formations, cliffs and a breathtaking sunset.

There’s Shark’s Cove, a hidden beach, off the beaten path, in which a half-mile hike within a humid forest is required to get there, but it’s so worth the moment of reflection and beauty when you enter the beach. And then there’s Ypao Beach, a family-friendly cove that’s conveniently situated near shops and hotels. We can almost smell the salty scent of the ocean and feel the powdery, warm sand between our toes.

2. Latte of freedom

Source: Visit USA

Not the kind of latte you’re thinking of, girl. The latte of freedom is a massive stone structure overlooking the island. This stone monument is one of the most significant symbols of Guam and is the world’s largest latte. The Guam Museum is located inside it, so it’s possible to spend about 20 minutes at this place. If you want to get a glimpse of Guam’s most breathtaking coastal views from a significant height, you need to visit this latte.

3. Inarajan Natural Pools

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Guam is big on gorgeous beachfront views, intricate history, and untouched nature. Inarajan Pools is a natural bathing spot on the island, sheltered from the calm onslaught of ocean waves. Protected by natural corals, the calm waters are perfect for you to try out a bit of swimming, basic snorkelling and engage with some of Guam’s tropical sea creatures – most of them tiny fish.

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