The “Slow Fade” May Be The Reason Why Many Millennials Are Single AF

If you’re wondering why you’re single AF even though you’ve probably dated quite a number of guys, maybe you just got slow-faded a lot too.

Yep, slow-fading is probably the reason why most of us are single, and it’s even worse than ghosting, or being ghosted because you don’t see the slow fade coming.

So… are you being slow-faded by your partner, and how do you handle it like a boss? We’ll let you know.

What is the slow fade?

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The slow fade happens when your partner slowly, and we mean slowly drifts away from you. The situation may happen when you’re still into your partner, but they are just not that into you, but they feel too guilty to ghost.

The reality is, slow fading hurts more than ghosting because it gives you hope. Maybe you’ve experienced the slow fade, like when someone gradually stops talking to you without really addressing it in the first place.

Signs your partner is pulling a slow fade:

1. They take more and more time to respond to your texts or leave you on “read.” Rude!

2. … and as for the responses to your texts? They keep it short, sweet and seemingly uninterested.

3. They stop making real plans with you. If you want to hang out, the answer is always something along the lines of “let’s play by ear”

4. You always initiate the conversation, and end up disappointed.

5. Your instinct tells you that they’re pulling the slow fade. Listen to your instincts! It’s always right!

How to deal with a a slow-fader like a boss?

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First of all, it’s important to confront your partner about his slow fading. Recognize the signs right away and take some time to speak to your partner about it. Take no excuses for this behavior, and know that you don’t have to be chill about it. As someone who is being slow-faded, you deserve an answer!

Meanwhile, don’t let this experience of slow-fading destroy your sense of self-worth and love. You’re a strong, confident woman and you’re worthy of love. Don’t give up on it! Watch our Pillow Talk video to find out why you should never give up on love.