“Schmiling” Is Everyone’s New Favourite Instagram Pose

Writer: Farah Karim

From vintage filters to Instagram brows, this pink-coloured platform has given birth to so many fascinating social media trends over the years. If you’re an avid Instagram user, then you must be familiar with this new pose — known as “schmiling”. Basically, this pose requires you to smile but with your eyes closed. It’s a really simple and easy pose that anyone can do, which could become the next big Insta-trend for 2019.

Here are some Malaysian influencers bringing their “schmiles” to the world!

1. Liangwei Yong (Nikki)

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Baby tart 🤤

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What’s the point of schmiling when you can just… Smile? Well, there’s something about it that just makes it appealing yet at the same time is so easy to do.

2. Josephine Yap

The idea is that you look completely at ease and relaxed in the photo. It’s almost a candid look as with your eyes closed, which shows that the camera just stumbled upon you in a moment of pure happiness. Josephine’s shot in the middle of a lush flower garden does just that. Both the pose and the backdrop portray relaxation and happiness.

3. Brynn Lovett

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Such a magical place. Loved everything about you Venice, Italy ! Definitely a place you’d want to be lost in ✨ #lovettlivinglife #travel #venice #italy #venicecanals #ootd

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Not only does the schmile make you look positively elated, but it also shows off your eye makeup and evens our your fine lines. It’s practically a natural temporary botox. What’s more, you get to show off the things around you with this technique! Like in this photo of Brynn, your eyes tend to focus on the subject as well as the backdrop of Venice behind her.

4. Mina Rosli

It’s one of the most versatile Instagram poses that can be done anywhere and with anything! From a plate of cake, to just sitting by yourself with a gorgeous backdrop behind you, this pose will sure make your feed pop. Malaysian influencer Mina Rosli does it just right with this candid photo of her taking a sip of what seems like a Milo drink. Yum!

5. Jenn Chia

Or, if you’re like Jenn, you can also use schmiling with a mix of other poses. Do whatever you want with it!

There’s no such thing as a bad schmile and these five girls have shown how versatile it can be. What say you? Is it a pose that’s here to stay or will it be swept away with the other trends of 2019? Let us know in the comments section!