The Right & Wrong Way To Use Face Mist

While all the hype is concentrated on serums and essences, face mists are probably the most underrated beauty product of all time. They’re filled with skin-nourishing ingredients, and refreshing to boot!

Unfortunately, facial mists may actually dry your skin. This is because water, whether it’s rosewater or comes from the springs of Jeju Island, is not a solution to dry skin. In fact, it can make your dry skin issues much worse.

Dry skin lacks more than just mere moisture. It lacks proteins in the skin that binds water. Without proteins, skin can’t absorb moisture anyway so any water particles will evaporate from the surface of your skin. That’s how a facial mist can backfire. So, don’t mist unnecessarily.

Still, there’s something so conveniently refreshing about face mists and spritzing your face with cool water on a hot day. After all, face misters gotta mist, so it’s best to choose facial mists with proteins that bind water to your skin. Glycerin, hyaluronic acid and propylene glycol are good ingredients to look out for. Aloe too, will penetrate the skin deeply and pull moisture in along with it.

Meanwhile, here are some of the right ways to use facial mists:

1. Before every skincare product

Mist your face before you add on serum, moisturizer, and essences. This will help moisturise every layer of skincare and allow for better absorption of skincare products on your face. Spritz before every step and see if it makes a difference to your skin within a week or two!

2. To get that glow underneath your makeup

Spritz some face mist on your face before layering on foundation to give yourself a glow from within. It makes your skin appear plump and sets in your makeup as well. If you’ve ever wanted to get that K-beauty look, you know what to do!

3. To set your makeup

Avoid the cakey look with facial mists. Spritz some all over your face, like a setting spray after your makeup routine. If you’re looking for a matte finish, this isn’t the face mist hack for you. Instead, it’ll give your skin a healthy appearance and blend your makeup better.

Don’t be seduced by the refreshing picture of spritzing water on your face. If you wanna do it, you gotta do it the right way. What’s your favourite face mist? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Deidre Bong


    Been using Avene.

    18 September 2019
  • Brenda Smith


    I like Thayer’s facial mist.

    9 June 2020