The Right Way To Squeeze A Pimple

Ah, pimples! They have such a delightful way of showing up at the most inconvenient times.

Before a friend’s wedding, an important date, a job interview – yep, that’s when a zit decides to say “hello!”

There’s nothing like an angry pimple to ruin your whole moment. You may be tempted to pop it, especially if it’s quite visible. We’re not saying that it’s better than waiting for it to heal, but it’s quite satisfying if you’re into stuff like Dr. Pimple Popper.

Here’s the right way to squeeze a pimple, even though you really shouldn’t.

1. Evaluate the pimple

Is it “ripe” for popping? Consider popping your pimple when it has a soft whitehead at its surface. That means it’s gotta look kinda juicy (gross, but super satisfying!). The pus will be closer to the surface of your skin, which makes it easier to pop and there’s less risk of scarring.

If your pimple is hard, it’s probably cystic acne and hurts to touch. Do. Not. Pop.

2. Clean your hands

Yep, wash your hands before you pop your pimple. It’s an infected wound, although it may be a small one, and who knows where your hands have been all day?

3. If you can’t use your fingers, use a needle/ pimple extractor

Some tools are your best friend! If you’ve observed that your facialist uses a pimple extractor, perhaps you should do the same too, but it’s optional. Pierce your pimple with these tools.

4. Clean the area & apply drying lotion/ acne spot treatment

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Pus draining out? That’s great. Clean the area of your skin so it won’t get infected with pimple germs. Apply drying lotion onto the popped pimple and leave it for an hour before applying makeup. And you’re good to go, flawless gal!