The Psychology Of Men Who Are Attracted To Younger Women

Aliff Aziz is getting the heat once again for dating a girl much, much younger than him. The 28-year-old was reportedly intimate with a 17-year old minor and then Indonesian single mom Mei Fina. First of all, people are not happy that he cheated on Bella Astillah again, and second of all, people are not happy that he managed to get into a relationship with an underaged girl.

Bella Astillah has declared that she’s ready to move on without Aliff Aziz in her life, and it’s for the better.

Meanwhile, this act of Aliff’s opens up some questions as to why older men are attracted to younger women, and what’s the psychology behind it? Read on to find out.

First of all, why are older men attracted to younger women? Is it for their body?

After all, as with any gender, a younger person usually has a more attractive physique compared to a much older person. However, that isn’t the case. Men like younger women because younger women have the tendency to boost their ego. If you’re the ‘older person,’ the younger person will definitely think you’re right and admire you most of the time.

Men just really like to be admired. It gives them an adrenaline rush and an ego boost that he may not get if he dated women of the same age or older. It’s an assertion of their dominance and power. The belief that women should be the more submissive partner drives men to date women who are much younger.

Are women attracted to older men too? Do they have ‘daddy’ issues?

In fact, there are women who are attracted to older men, as this type of attraction works both ways. Being with an older man makes the younger woman feel more settled in her chaotic world. Essentially, the woman feels taken care of by her partner, because he may be superior in more than just one way, either financially or emotionally.

Then there’s ageing to worry about. Women who are engaged to men 10 years older are reportedly less worried about ageing than women who are engaged to men of the same age or younger. It’s not about ‘daddy’ issues, but it’s about what these women want in their lives, and they’re adults who can make decisions on their own.

Where do we draw the line?

If an older man dates a minor, that’s where we draw the line. It’s borderline pedophilic to be attracted to someone who still wears their school uniform. Minors cannot consent and some of them may have been manipulated into the relationship. There’s even a book (albeit banned) written about a man’s attraction to a young girl which should have been off-limits, a.k.a. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. The book told from the point of view of Humbert, the older man, who in the end, realized that he had indeed, ruined Lolita’s childhood.

Men can be attracted to younger women, but not when they’re too young. Let us know what you think of this phenomenon in the comments below.