5 Unspoken Risks Of Choosing Sugar Baby As A Profession

Dating older men for the purpose of gaining financial security isn’t exactly new. But in recent times, it seems like this phenomenon has become more normalised and accepted within the society, with a slight upgrade in its approach.

Since living in this day and age can be tough, especially with Malaysia’s current economic state, many youngsters have opted to seek companionship from rich men in exchange for money through sugar dating services. Users can get connected to a wide range of potential partners on the platform, where sugar babies are allowed to have multiple daddies at a time — and vice versa.

Some define sugar-dating as a premium prostitution service, however, as long as money does not change hands for the sole purpose of sex, it does not technically fall under the umbrella of prostitution. In light of this, we’d like to give you a heads up on few possible risks of entering this profession:

1. Grooming 

It’s a well-known fact that being a sugar baby can be pretty damn lucrative. They’ll get to enjoy generous allowances, luxurious gifts, exotic vacations, and shopping sprees across the globe. However, it’s not always about the glitz and glam, as dealing with massive student loans is usually the #1 factor that forces them to solve financial woes in this manner.

What’s troubling is the fact that most of the sugar-babies consist of young university students from as young as 18 years old. Sugar-dating sites even proudly claim that they have a large quantity of students in colleges and universities who often benefit from “mentorship”.

2. Lose sense of self

At this age, individuals are trying to ‘find’ themselves and discover what they want in life. Thus, being influenced by someone who is beyond their age group, along with the inability to relate with each other, might have the tendency to alter the sugar baby’s sense of identity.

Most of the older men are lonely and very generous, so getting things is the easy part. The hard part is keeping the conversation going and having a genuine connection that doesn’t include material things.

3. Ownership

There’s also the risk of sugar daddies acting like protective husbands by establishing a perceived ownership over their sugar baby. To these type of daddies, it’s like an unspoken rule that he owns the sugar baby since he has “paid” for her on a regular basis.

4. Emotional Baggage

Although not all sugar babies are required to perform sexual activities with their daddies, you can’t deny the fact that the premise of this system essentially exploits people in exchange for money. And while it is legal, the sugar babies can (and in most cases do) experience some serious emotional problems such as depression and losing faith in humanity due to these type of relationships.

In fact, the consequences are nearly similar as those felt by prostitutes.

5. People around you

More often than not, the sugar dating profession is usually frowned upon by society, and the long term effects could also affect those around them. While these relationships could expose them to a lifestyle they may not have known otherwise, they could potentially make it more of a challenge to reach individual goals, such as being married or having children.

For some, that is emotionally hard to handle. In cases where sugar babies and sugar daddies truly fall for each other, getting to know each other’s family will even be more of a challenge.

Source: Sugardaddy.org

While it’s true that both partners enter them voluntarily, it’s also true that at least one party — the one who isn’t rich — doesn’t feel like she has much of a choice in the matter, especially if she’s young. With that said, if you ever encounter these kind of situation with someone you know, help them out by suggesting other financial options that may be less toxic or at least, be a strong emotional support in case they ever need one.

How do you feel about these services? If you agree, disagree or would like to add more to this article, simply comment below and let us know what you think!