The Latest Beauty Craze Is Lining Your Eyebrows Using Chicken Wings

There are many beauty hacks and trends that should not be performed in front of the camera, but beauty lovers tend to go against the norm and come up with new, exciting ways to do their routines.

We’ve seen many brow hacks with tape, a spoon, a ruler… and now, we’ll introduce you to the one with chicken wings. Say whaaaat?

Facebook user Andrea Forde-Mayers shared a video of a woman doing her eyebrows using a RAW chicken wing as a guide. Though we must admit, her brows looked pretty on fleek after that. Check this out:

What will they think of next

Posted by Andrea Forde – Mayers on Khamis, 6 Jun 2019

After that, she peeled the chicken wing off her brow, and it looked pretty damn legit. We’re not sure how sanitary is it though. Honestly, would you do this in the name of on-point brows?

At least we know there are multiple uses of chicken wings now. FYI, if you’d like some brow products to try out this hack, check out our best recommendations. Likely may earn an affiliate commission if you buy something through the links below.

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