The Korean Skin Botox That Does More Than Reduce Wrinkles

Men and women in Korea are using botox for more than just their wrinkle-related issues.

According to South Korean dermatologist Shin Hae Won, people are turning to Botox injections to reduce the appearance of their pores and give them the appearance of glass skin. No tedious 10-step skincare routine needed.

Perhaps this is the secret to Korean celebrities’ everlasting glass skin – Skin Botox.

What is Skin Botox and how does it compare to regular Botox?


When Botox was used to combat wrinkles, it was injected into one’s facial muscles. However in the procedure for Skin Botox, the neurotoxic protein (the same one used in classic botox treatment) is injected to the outer layer of the skin. The protein then lifts the skin and tightens pores to reduce their appearance.

Skin Botox targets your pores

While the injection tightens one’s pores, it also makes your skin look brighter in the process. It may also fade fine lines. However, if you’re looking to reduce deep wrinkles, you may need to opt for another session that targets your wrinkles.

When pores become tighter, sebum stops forming on the surface of your skin because the sweat and oil glands are affected. Some doctors would prescribe Skin Botox to decrease oil and sweat production for patients with these issues in excess.

The results of injecting Botox to the surface of your skin

While some people may worry about numbness usually associated with Botox treatments, As the injection lies on the surface of the skin, Skin Botox does not affect facial muscles. Its results are immediate, and most celebrities would get Skin Botox just before they go on air.  The effects last just about as long as regular Botox does, about three to six months.

Licensed dermatologists in Seoul, South Korea would have no qualms providing this treatment for glass skin, which should cost about RM 1250. However, if you can’t fly out to Seoul right now, but want glass skin right away, check out this Intensive Ultra Glow Booster Facial deal for only RM 88.