The Hidden Conspiracy Behind Kim Kardashian’s 73 Quests With Vogue

Finally, the only 73 questions with Vogue that everyone have silently been waiting for, Kim Kardashian West. Oh don’t act like you didn’t because you did watch it!

In just 20 hours, Kim’s Vogue 73 Questions video gained 6.3 million views. Which is a definite surprise considering how many despise her yet can’t get enough of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star.

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Watch what happened when we asked @kimkardashian #73questions and she answered all of them. Interviewed and Directed by @hellojoesabia Produced by @marina_c DP @jessdunlap Edit and Color @realtalkrealtalk Stylist @tangino

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The video uploaded on Thursday, shows the Kim Kardashian at the comfort of her “minimal monastery” together with husband, Kanye West and her cute little bunches, North West, aged 5, Saint West, aged 3 and Chicago West, 15 months old.

Although the title says 73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West featuring Kanye West, we can’t help but wonder is there a hidden conspiracy to the Vogue video. After all, this is the first time we’ve seen Kanye West smiling and laughing!

#1st Conspiracy – Planned Awkward Cringe 

Did Vogue purposely made the video super cringy and awkward just to attract people to watch? Let’s face it, if Kim K was all sweet in the video, would we actually care to watch? Unless you’re a super fan, you might not. Also what’s up with the recorded (FAKE) FaceTime call?

#2nd Conspiracy – Kanye Makes Actual Funny Jokes 

Is it just us or was Kanye West extra cheerful in this shoot? Could this also be a hook for fans to catch a rare sight of Kanye showing his teeth? After digging through the comments, we’re so sold. Although can we just say, this is probably the sweetest side of Kanye we’re ever going to get. PS Kanye buying stocks for Kim K from Adidas and Disney? WIN!

#3rd Conspiracy – Kim’s “Hidden” Talent

FYI Kim’s real talent is… MAKING MONEY! Whatever she touch turns gold and that’s fact. But other than that, she’s a total pro at walking backwards. How many of us can actually do that?

And also, detect when someone has cavity. Don’t we all?

In all seriousness, this could just be another one Kim K’s genius marketing scheme and we all fell hard for it. Genius Kim!