The Chill Dating Culture Is Destroying Our Chance At Love

“Wanna Netflix and chill?” How many times have heard this line from our potential dates? It’s funny how millennials can come up with creative dating slangs.

What is chill dating? 

Chill dating is another millennial term which pretty much means taking it very easy when it comes to dates and relationships. No girl deserves to be chill dated and here’s why it’s complete BS!

1. It’s Cheap

man wearing black collared top sitting on chair in front of table and woman wearing multicolored top

A chill date these days pretty much means just bumming at home on a couch watching Netflix and honestly, that’s cool but to do it all the time feels a little cheap. A little more effort into planning a date is a turn on.

2. It’s Tiring To Put Up With

woman lying on bed

Now dating is an exciting part of relationships and we look forward to romantic dinners and exploring new things with our partners but we ladies usually end up toning down our enthusiasm and accepting whatever boring chill date our partner has planned and honestly that can be very tiring to put up with.

3. It’s Usually A Waste Of Time

man and woman lying on bed

Guys who prefer chill dating are usually just looking for companionship and someone to pass off time with. Most of them don’t have long term expectations or goals for your relationship and things usually don’t work out.