The Best Date Ideas Based On Your Love Language

Written by: Yeu-Gynn Yeung

Whether you’re planning a date or simply waiting for your partner to Netflix and chill, it’s essential that both you and your partner feel loved and cared for. The love languages are a theory created by Dr. Gary Chapman which explains the five different ways people feel loved in relationships. These are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. For example, even if you’re not a touchy-feely person, if your love language is physical touch, you’ll feel most loved when you and your partner share an intimate cuddle.

Meanwhile, my ultimate favourite date was when my husband and I drove up to Fraser’s Hill and spent two days there just chilling in bed, driving out to eat scones, and reading books at the local library. It was simple, and spoke to my love language – of which I’ve figured is quality time. Don’t get me wrong, I love cuddles, being showered with gifts and compliments, but there’s just one thing I want a little more than everything else. I always want to be his centre of attention and to spend quality time with him, even if we’re both doing nothing.

You don’t need to know all five love languages, because just knowing your’s and your partner’s is enough to help you make decisions about your relationship – like the best date ideas. Plus, it’s always good to know what are the best ways to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Once you’ve figured out you and your partner’s love languages, you’ll know exactly how to spice up your dates. Here’s a list of date ideas for each love language.

1) Words of Affirmation

People with words of affirmation as their main love language value the three magic words, “I love you.” They also find compliments, and praises on their accomplishments pretty meaningful. In a way, it’s not just about showing your partner how much you love them, it’s about telling them too, through written or spoken words.

A date idea for this language would be to write a poem inspired by your partner, like Romeo’s sonnet to Juliet, and read it to them. Exchange poems or love letters too, if you will. You don’t need to be great writers per se, just write what comes to your heart. Your partner will surely appreciate it. If you really want to go big, perform the love poem at an open mic. If you’re the musical type, write a song inspired by your partner and serenade to them on your date. Honestly, just be creative and mean exactly what you say!

2) Quality Time

It’s imperative quality time is important in any relationship. When quality time is you or your partner’s love language, nothing says “I love you” better than simply being together with your full, undivided attention. Essentially, your partner just wants all of you. One date idea for quality time-lovers would be a simple picnic at the local park. You’ll spend quality time together preparing for the picnic and lounging in each other’s laps during the picnic, counting the clouds and butterflies. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and bring your most loved books along. For a relationship bonus, turn this date into a whole-day thing by visiting art galleries or exhibitions afterwards. Remember to talk to each other in meaningful conversation. It’s the perfect idea for an anniversary date too.

3) Receiving Gifts

Hey, if your love language is receiving gifts, you shouldn’t worry about being materialistic. It’s not about the extravagance of the gift. Those with receiving gifts as their primary love language value the thoughtfulness and effort behind the gifts from their partner. Think about meaningful gifts that will make their hearts soar with joy. It’s the thought that counts, after all.

A date idea for you or your partner with this love language is to take an artsy couples’ workshop together – like leather goods, pottery or flower arrangement. Giving a gift to your partner which you’ve made with your own hands is so much more meaningful than simply buying a gift. Anyway, if it doesn’t work out – let’s say you were really bad at the workshop – your partner will see the value in how you’ve tried to make their gift extra special.

4) Acts of Service

Love is in the little things. Simply fetching your partner home from work or Marie Kondo-ing your home can be the ultimate way to say “I love you.” For someone whose primary love language is acts of service, the little things matter a lot. Simple chores like making the bed, vacuuming or even taking out the trash can speak volumes about how much you love your partner. To people of this love language, actions really do speak louder than words so be careful of broken promises and sweet nothings.

A date idea for lovers of acts of service would be surprising your partner with a simple, yet romantic meal at home. Put on your best chef’s apron and cook up an array of scrumptious goods that you know your partner will love. Set the tables nicely and remember to clean up afterwards, and ask your partner for help too. The best thing about partners with acts of service as their love language is they’ll help out whenever they can.

5) Physical Touch

Physical touch isn’t just about being good and cuddly in bed (although that’s always a plus!). A person with physical touch as their primary love language would appreciate being enraptured with kisses on their forehead, holding hands, and even gentle pats on their head – swoon. For people who respond to this love language, physical accessibility is crucial, and long-distance relationships may be tough for them to handle. They probably prefer to cuddle in bed than to fall asleep facing opposite directions.

In this context, “Netflix and chill” really is a workable date idea. Turn it up a notch by taking your partner on a weekend getaway to the beach or the hills where you can spend the day away from civilization, simply cuddling, kissing, holding hands and chilling. Take note of simple, sweet gestures of physical affection such as having your arm around your partner in public. Meanwhile, remember to have a good time in bed, because that matters too 😉

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Find out your love language when you take this quiz (together with your better half, of course!) and start planning the best date ideas for you and your partner. On another note, if you’re up for some outdoor fun, check out this amazing white water rafting deal at Gopeng!