The Best Vacay Spots In Asia Based On Your Relationship Status

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or already married, you’ll always have the desire to travel.

In a way, travelling unites us because it’s just so nice to be in a new place. Even if it’s a quick weekend trip, there’s always the perfect vacation spot for every relationship status.

Some places give you more time to yourself while other travel spots are more romantic than anything. Check out our curated list of the best vacay spots in Asia based on your relationship status.

Single and thriving:  Busan, Korea

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Busan has been a dream! ~ I was worried we might not get to see it because of our little detour, but I’m so glad we made it. We took the ‘Train To Busan’ 🧟‍♀️🙊 from Seoul and checked into @parkhyattbusan, who have really guided us in what to see and do! I have been loving what this city has to offer. The temples are slowly preparing for Buddha’s Birthday next month so we’ve managed to catch a glimpse of the rainbow lantern displays 🌈 , and the cherry blossoms are currently in full bloom, pretty much on every street 🌸! I’m also still keeping this city on my bucket list because I have to return in October one year. Everyone keeps telling us about the incredible Autumn fireworks, I think I have to come back to see them myself. 💥 @Hyatt #Hyatt #WorldOfHyatt #sponsored

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Solo travel is for the best girls! It’s best to travel know because you can most likely drop everything, and buy a one-way ticket to anywhere, even the beautiful city of Busan. If you don’t want to travel solo, you can bring your BFF with you! Explore the port city, enjoy the beach and take in the cherry blossoms.

Been dating for a while & it’s time to travel: Cebu Island, Philippines

Take your relationship to the next level by booking flight tix to Cebu Island. Who knows – you may end up falling even more deeply in love as you stroll around this peaceful and historic island.

We’re engaged: Thames Valley Khao Yai, Thailand

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Many bloggers & youtubers have talked about Khao Yai being insta-worthy but I feel they didn’t explore enough to say how beautiful it is! There is still SO MUCH MORE to explore and 3 days in Khao Yai is NOT ENOUGH! I totally did no expect this, so i will def come back again next time! ❤️ Alot of hipster cafe 😂 and very unique restaurants. Although the sun is hot but its very windy. In the morning and night it gets REALLY COLD. The trees and scenery here feels a little bit like New Zealand. A LITTLE, haha 😂 #guounnelaine #supergaxdreachong #tinyxthailandd

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If you’ve just got engaged to your boo, why don’t you celebrate it with a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Thames Valley has just enough of countryside charm to get you feelin’ all lovey-dovey and thinking about the future together.

Honeymooning: Hokkaido Island, Japan

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would you have this as your backyard? • #whpgreatoutdoors

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The only thing you’ll want to do after a wedding is to relax and be with each other in the company of natural hot springs and ski areas. It’s both relaxing and out of your comfort zone at the same time!

It’s complicated: Kokol Hill Elf, Sabah

“The hills are alive with the sound of music…” Located at the highest point of a mountain overlooking Kota Kinabalu, this local getaway is perfect for you if you need to take some time off and reflect on your relationship status.