7 Little White Lies We Tell Ourselves (And Should Avoid)

Everyone lies – whether it’s to the people around us or to ourselves. And sometimes, we justify our lies by saying, “This won’t change anything,”. But that’s exactly why you still find yourself scrolling through your ex’s Instagram or taking those three shots you just know is going to cause you to projectile vomit for the rest of the night. It’s time to be more honest with yourself.


  1.       “Just two more minutes…” / “Just one more day”.


It might feel okay to put things off – hey if it doesn’t lead to the end of the world… – but it just means that you’ve delayed Becoming The Best You, You Could Be. Starting off with principles from the 5 AM Club might be too much but there are small tweaks that you can make in your day to day life that will help you kick procrastination to the curb – like stopping yourself from snoozing in the morning!



  1.       “I will remove him/her tomorrow.”

Stop procrastinating and GET RID of that pesky ex from your social media – while you’re at it, why not go on a social media detox! You might feel the need to check in on them to see if their lives are miserable after you (are you looking for signs that they regret breaking up with you?) but that’s toxic – and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Unless you’re on good terms and have a mutual platonic view of your relationship now friendship, it’s time to purge your social media of the bad juju.



  1.       “I will never drink again.”


These are the stories that live forever; stories that will repeatedly show up if alcohol is mentioned or plans for a boozy night is in the works. Legendary stories like these usually result in groans and swears of, “I will never drink again” (and the remedies you wished you knew about for the accompanying hangover). If you haven’t had That One Night – count yourself lucky because it’s comin’ for you sooner or later.



  1.       “Just kidding.”



A common response to saying something you were thinking but were not meant to be saying because it could, possibly, most probably be rude. If you’re introverted like me and have difficulty committing to plans, this comes up a whole lot when planning to go out, “You know, it might just be easier to sit on the couch with wine and Netflix. HAHA I’m only kidding” – but no, not really because wine + Netflix + couch is the only math equation that makes sense to me.


  1.       “We’ll see.”


Which roughly translates into “Well… no,”. Most of the time, when you say “we’ll see”, you’ve already got an answer in your head and that answer is almost always in the negative. Be it for plans to attend the wedding of the cousin you’ve always thought behaved like a toad or a night out when you know your budget has already been stretched thin (is there really an easy way to save?), you have the right to say no.



  1.       “I’m fine.”



This lie is born from the idea that being true to ourselves would only translate as weakness. In the interest of self-care – it’s okay to say, “I’m not doing so good,”. Take the time to understand why you aren’t feeling 100% and give yourself space to heal. Let yourself lean on those who you know have your back, be it your friends, family or colleagues. From meditation to time alone reading, don’t hold yourself back from growth just because you want to be strong – true strength is being able to admit that you are not okay, knowing when to take a step back and re-emerging when you’re 100%.