The *60-Second-Rule* To Achieve A More Flawless Skin

It’s called the 60-second rule—a method of washing your face for a full 60 seconds (instead of your usual, 10-15 seconds) to achieve better skin. The cleansing method comes from Nayamka Roberts-Smith of LABeautyologist, an esthetician who frequently tells her 43,000 Twitter followers to wash their face for 60 seconds straight to let the cleanser ingredients really penetrate the skin.

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Skin cells are like fish (kinda… lol just go with me here). They have to be hydrated to function at their best ability. Drinking water (your weight in lbs/2 = amount of water in ounces) hydrates the lowest layer of skin cells is where new cells are born. Applying toner, hydrators, serums & moisturizers nourish the skin topically. This allows the skin to be more permeable, so important actives can make its way deep into the layers of the skin. ————— For more information on toners & hydration, check out my newest video on YouTube, “Please stop using Witch Hazel” 😁 ⛓Link in my YOUTUBE highlights & in my IG Story. ————— #witchhazel #toner #hydration #Skincareconsultation #esthetician #skincare #blackheads #facial #skincareroutine #spatreatment #losangelesesthetician #salicylicacid #oilcleanse #extractions #facialmassage #hyperpigmentation #womenofcolor #labeautyologist #blackesthetician

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“Makeup, dirt, and oil are a lot more difficult to remove from the skin most people realize,” Roberts-Smithsaid. “So not only do you want to give the cleanser a chance to break down and dissolve products and grime, but taking 60 seconds also makes you pay attention to your skin and what you’re doing—like remembering to cleanse around the edges of your nose, under your chin, and around your hairline.”

And though, the technique may sound so obvious and basic, it’s also apparently game-changing. So much so, that it’s earned the hashtag #60secondrule and a following of devotees who swear by it. 

In fact, one user on Reddit says that the 60-second rule actually transformed their skin: “I’ve been doing this for about a month now and I have noticed the following: no more forehead bumps, softer skin texture, significant decrease in pimples, and a definite glow!” Oh wow. That truly says something. Anyhow, this is one of those tricks that really can’t hurt to test out, (you’ll only lose 60 seconds of your life). Just massage your face super gently, and let us know your result!