The 5-Step Lip Care Routine To Heal Your F-ing Dry Lips

We don’t usually make lip care a major part of our skincare routine, but we really should, especially for those of us who suffer from f-ing dry lips.

Whether it’s sunny or wet in the equator, somedays, lips seem to always be dry. This is because the skin on our lips is actually quite thin, besides the fact that they lack oil glands and exposed to the rest of the world.

So, here’s a 5-step lip care routine to heal our f-ing dry lips. FYI we may earn an affiliate commission if you buy something from our links. Read on to be in the running for ‘Miss Most Precious Pout.’

1. Use a lip scrub to exfoliate away dead skin

Exfoliate the surface of your lips with a lip scrub to get rid of dead skin cells first. Lip scrubs are usually made of sugar granules to do the scrubbing part and hydrating ingredients like coconut oil to make sure that their formula doesn’t dry your lips. Give Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm a try for exfoliated, moisturised lips.

2. Wear a lip mask to bed

Like how most of us would wear a face mask for 20 minutes during our skincare routine. A lip mask would replenish the moisture that was lost throughout the day. Do this lip treatment once a week and you’ll be saying hello to healthy, plumped lips really soon. Plus, if you want to wear matte lipstick the next day, it’s the best way to get all the extra moisture you need. DPC Lip Jelly Hydrogel is our recommendation!

3. Moisturise your lips with your regular moisturiser

While it’s not normal to use your regular face moisturiser on your lips, it’s not unsafe either. Apply a layer of moisturiser – like By Eggs Watermelon Moisturiser – onto your lips as a lip treatment, if you’re in a pinch. Moisturisers usually contain healing and hydrating ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and shea butter.

4. Swap matte lipsticks for tinted lip balms

For a while, at least. Although some matte lipstick products claim to be moisturising and infused with oils or whatever, many women still experience dry lips when they apply matte lipsticks. That’s part of the plan, though, so it doesn’t come off, hence most of them have more pigments than oil. Anyway, how about swapping out those drying mattes for a few tinted lip balms? These will keep your lips moisturised, tinted and plump in no time, like Klavuu Urban Pearlsation Glow Tinted Lip Balm.

5. Drink lots of water

One of the causes of dry lips is actually dehydration. Jennifer Aniston drinks at least 2.9 litres of water a day, and you don’t see her lips drying out now, do you? If you don’t fancy drinking too much water, opt for teas or fruits and vegetables with rich water content, like watermelons.