The 5 Eye Creams That Do More Than You’d Think For Your Under-Eyes

Do eye creams work?

Are eye creams worth it?

Should I spend time adding an eye cream to my routine?


Yes, yes and YES. Many are not aware of just how important eye creams are – after all, aren’t they just expensive moisturizers in smaller containers? No, that’s not all that they are. This is because the skin under our eyes is more sensitive. Because of how thin the skin on our under-eyes are, the area is more likely to age faster and dry out faster than the rest of your face as well. As a result, eye creams tend to be thicker, contain more oil and have a lot of active ingredients for specific problems that our under eyes tend to have – wrinkles, dullness, puffiness, darkness and more.


What if you have 3/5 of those problems mentioned? Do you have to buy one cream for each problem? No – because these creams are ready to handle more problems than you would have expected!



Clarins ‘Total Eye-Lift’

Clarins has developed an eye cream that is meant for women of all ages. Their new solution is a concentrated blend of ingredients – Harungana extract and cassie wax – that uplifts, smoothens and brightens your under-eye. With its formula being 94% of natural ingredients, Clarins has run tests to prove that their product does what it says it does. Out of 110 women, 80% found that they noticed a visibly lifted eye contour in 60 seconds.


The Clarins Total Eye Lift contains the freshness of gel creams and the smooth texture of a censer cream. The formula allows for a lightweight, soft and efficient under-eye product. As of the 17th of August, the Total Eye Lift will be available in all Clarins stores.



Saint Jane Beauty ‘Brightening Eye Repair CBD Eye Cream’

Yes – cannabidiol. Saint Jane, the only product on this list that isn’t directly available in Malaysia (but so good it had to be included), has introduced a cream with CBD (known to lighten dark under eyes, reduce puffiness and fine lines). Saint Jane’s formula is said to brighten, hydrate and re-puff under-eyes. Their ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Amongst these ingredients is collagen, Vitamin C, grape seed and green tea.


The cream has a gel-like texture and a slightly floral, fresh scent. When applied, the product is creamy and spreads easily. Without being too heavy, the product is perfect for both day and night use (and can be used under makeup!). As of right now, Malaysians can purchase the cream from their website.



Fresh ‘Lotus Youth Preserve’ Eye Cream

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Stress can show up on your skin, too (think dehydration and wrinkles). Our Lotus Collection—powered by our new, fully traceable multi-action Super Lotus—targets first signs of aging by boosting radiance, strengthening the skin’s barrier, and protecting from free radicals. The result: radiant, resilient, youthful-looking skin. Available at @sephora #FreshLotus

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Fresh Beauty’s  Lotus Youth Preserve cream just so happens to be moisturising without being greasy. The product is said to help with dehydrated and wrinkly under-eyes. While being free of parabens and sulfates, it contains AHAs and horse chestnut flower on top of being powered by enhanced multi-action Super Lotus technology.  According to Fresh Co-founder Lev Glazman,


“Various parts of the lotus have been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries to treat a number of skin diseases, most often inflammation. After doing clinical tests, we were stunned at this ingredient’s high levels of polyphenols, the most powerful antioxidants known to defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals.”


As a result, the product targets signs of ageing and is recommended for both day and night use. It brightens, reduces puffiness and smoothens out fine lines. This product can be found in Sephora Malaysia.



Starskin Orglamic Velvet Eye Cream

Talk about being perfect for the conscious beauty community, the Starskin Orglamic Pink Cactus Velvet Eye Cream is vegan, cruelty-free, silicone-free and 99% natural. The product is made to be soothing and perfect for sensitive skin. To achieve the long-lasting hydration and anti gaining benefits that the product boasts, it employs the use of prickly pear cactus plant, avocado oil and shea butter.


Its creamy and velvety texture feels good on the skin and acts as the perfect makeup base and can be found at Sephora.



 Kiehl’S Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado

Lauded as one of the best eye creams out there, applying Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado around your eye socket daily is meant to moisturise dry under-eyes. The product consists of a rich and creamy formula that sits on your eye socket without seeping into your eyes. The cream has vitamin C, shea butter, avocado oil and more to ensure that your skin gets as much hydration as it can. Some have said that the cream can be a little heavy during the day, and thus prefer to only dip into the product at night. However, users have noted differences in their under-eyes, with it brightening and firming the area apply a few applications.