The 2-Minute Rule Is All It Takes To Get Rid Of Procrastination

As human beings, it’s normal to procrastinate. We get distracted easily and postpone certain tasks if we don’t have the mood. But procrastination can bring out the worst of us. It makes us look like a slacker and creates unnecessary stress.
Try the 2-minute rule!

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Let’s face it, most of the task we put on hold isn’t that difficult. Blame it on our laziness, oops! The 2-minute rule helps to make it easier for you to get started on the tasks that you should be doing.

If it takes less than 2-minute, do it now! 

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Avoid using the word “later lah” because it’ll only create an excuse for you to stack up your tasks. Originally from David Allen’s bestselling book, ‘Getting Things Done’, it could be simple chores like taking the trash out or replying that email.

Starting a new habit? It takes less than 2-minutes

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You can’t finish everything in 2 minutes but you can start your goals in less than 2 minutes. All you have to do is to start small. For instance:-

Want to become a better writer? Write one sentence (It only takes 2 minutes) and you’ll find yourself writing for an hour.

Want to eat healthier? Eat one piece of fruit (The 2-minute rule) and you’ll find yourself binging on another few bites.

Again, the 2-Minute Rule isn’t about the results you achieve but the process of you starting and actually doing the work. Good luck!