Uh-Oh! Texting (Someone Else) Is Often The First Step To Cheating

Did you know that texting someone else rather frequently (not your boss LOL) is often the first step to cheating?

Well, even if you don’t believe us, we asked an expert on what is considered as cheating, and we got all the answers below!

You can’t really blame it on the alcohol. Our expert Serena In, Psychologist from The Mind, lets us know what is cheating, and what isn’t.

More contact time equates to higher possibility of attraction

“The more contact time you have with a person, it’s more likely for you to be attracted to one another,” Serena explained. Even if you’re not physically in contact, proximity matters in friendship and relationships.

“If you’re in a secure relationship, or if your partner is very secure, these conversations can be very healthy to have.

“Let’s be real, we’re attracted to people all the time, people other than our partners.”

We can talk about it with our partners, just as passing statements. The important thing is, are you doing anything about it? This means that you’re either moving onto the next stage with this person, or you probably just have a crush and won’t do anything more.

If it’s a real mistake, you should forgive yourself

We all make mistakes at different points of our relationship. In this case, Serena encourages the one who made the mistake to forgive themselves first.

“Forgiveness in a relationship can really make the relationship stronger than ever.”

But as for sleeping around…

“It doesn’t just happen like that,” Serena began. She goes on to explain that a lot of things led to that.

“Texting is one of the biggest  doors that allows it to happen.”

Other things that eventually lead to cheating are like riding in the car together and one-on-one lunches, if you do it very regularly.

“In a way, you’ve opened up your heart to someone else, so getting into bed is just one of the many steps after.”

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