T.I’s Daughter ,Deyjah Likes “Possessive” Tweets On Dad’s Hymen Checkup

Awkward…T.I just got into a messed up situation after revealing that he takes his daughter, Deyjah Harris to the gynecologist every year to check if her hymen’s intact.

He revealed this super awkward daddy-daughter trip during an interview on the podcast, Ladies Like Us. He said, “We have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen. Yes, I go with her.”

Totally didn’t see this coming at all. FYI Deyjah is 18 years old – A teenager!

Now, while the rapper, whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. claims that his teen daughter is okay with him knowing if her hymen is intact, her Twitter says otherwise.

Guess what, she’s been liking tweets about T.I being “possessive and controlling”!

Source: Twitter

She even posted a cryptic Tweet that is believed to be for fans who stood up for her.

Honestly, having our dads to check on our hymens is definitely, freakingly AWKWARD. What do you think of T.I’s move on checking his teen’s daughter hymen? Is it an invasion of privacy or totally normal?