5 Ways To Switch Up Your Makeup Routine

Everyone gets stuck in a routine sometimes. Even the best beauty junkies get caught in a rut, although we’ve got inspiration and beauty drama everywhere on Instagram and YouTube.

So, it gets boring sometimes. You wake up and put on the same three shades from your eyeshadow palette, the same matte lipstick, and the same cat-eye winged liner.

Don’t worry, there are a few ways you can tweak your beauty routine and make it work for you again. Fall in love with your beauty routine like that time you successfully drew your very first cat-eye!

1. Switch to BB and CC Creams

When you’re a keen user of full-coverage, matte foundation, sometimes you need to give your skin a breather. Switch your full-coverage foundation to BB and CC creams. They probably don’t have much coverage intensity, but will do the job of keeping your skin’s natural glow throughout the day and blur out your blemishes. Tinted moisturiser counts too! You don’t need flawless, matte skin all the time. Some realness is always admired. Who knows – what you think is a flaw could actually be a beauty spot.

2. Add some pops of colour to your eyes

If you’re bored of your basic shimmer nude eye looks (don’t we all get that feeling sometimes?), then add some pops of colour to your eye makeup. You don’t need Jaclyn Hill’s ultra-colourful Morphe palette to do this – perhaps some accents of red or gold shimmer in the inner corner of your eyelids will do just fine. While you’re at it, use coloured eyeliner on your eyelids, instead of your regular black eyeliner. We promise you’ll fall in love with your new makeup routine. Werk it like James Charles, sisters!

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3. Try other lip products

Ditch those matte lipsticks for water-based lip tints, lip gloss and sheer lipsticks. You don’t always need a full-one matte colour. Sometimes, you just need a soft wash of colour that gives your lips a plump pick-me-up. Lip tints will give you that soft wash of colour that’s almost ombre while lip gloss adds shine and moisture to your pout. Meanwhile, if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of the ‘wet look,’ try sheer lipsticks instead. They’re ideal for giving your lips some colour while keeping close to your natural shade.

4. Don’t stop the glow!

If you’re sick of having to constantly powder and re-powder your face, just don’t do it and let yourself bask in the glow. After a few hours, your natural oils will eventually seep onto the surface of your skin. It’s a good sign really – it means your skin is healthy enough to moisturize itself and make it’s own oils. Plus, powders may clog up your pores if you apply it too thickly. Instead, get some oil-blotting papers and start blotting if you feel oily.

5. Change the colour of your eyebrows

Eyebrows do so much for your face and it doesn’t hurt to switch ’em up a little. Different eyebrows will make you see the world in a whole new light. After all, you’ve probably been stuck with the same eyebrows your whole life, so adding a little bit of colour would make such a great difference. To do this, apply coloured mascara or matte liquid lipstick onto your eyebrows with an angled brush and just follow your desired brow shape.

What’s your favourite way to change up your makeup routine? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below.