Survey: M’sian Bosses Wouldn’t Hire Qualified Inked Candidates

If you have tattoos, you could be having a hard time getting a job!

According to a recent study by YouGov Omnibus, Malaysian employers are less likely to hire a person with tattoos even if they’re qualified. The survey was done with a group of 1,022 to determine the employability of inked Malaysians.

woman watching her arms

It revealed 58% would not hire someone with a tattoo, while 37% said the candidate’s tattoo would not effect their their decision in hiring and 5% said candidates with tattoo would make them more likely to score the job.

The research also showed that 37% had negative impression of people with tattoos. In this day of age, it’s funny how tattoos are still being stigmatised as such!

women's orange and black floral back tattoo

Now, based on the survey, it shows that the more revealing your tattoos are, the lower your chances of getting hired.

  • Face tattoo – Employability rate reduced by 80%
  • Neck tattoo – Employability rate reduced by 66%
  • Hand tattoo – Employability rate reduced by 60%
  • Arm tattoo – Employability rate reduced by 51%
  • Torso tattoo – Employability not affected as it is not visible.

person raising his hands near tree

Yikes, those are some pretty slim chances! YouGov Omnibus Asia-Pacific chief, Jake Gammon told The Star, “Not only do tattooed people leave a bad impression on a significant proportion of Malaysians, they also affect employability.”

Do you think your tattoos should affect the chances of you getting hired for a job? Let us know!