5 Subtle Body Language Signals For Your Crush To Notice You

Getting your crush to notice you can be such a puzzle sometimes – like how do you keep it subtle but also make it obvious enough for him to know that you like him?

Of course, the age-old method of body language can communicate attraction, you just have to know how to do it right.

Anyway, we would like out crush to notice us but still keep it classy, right? Here’s how you can do it with the age-old method of body language.

1. Point your feet at their direction

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While your eyes may be the window to your soul, when you point your feet (or legs) towards someone you feel affectionate to, that automatically translates as paying attention. It shows that you’re into your crush, with your whole body and really interested in what they have to say or do.

2. Uncross your arms

Crossing your arms, whether intentionally or not, is like creating a barrier between you and your crush. This may be OK if you’re not completely into someone, but trust us, try not to make a habit of it when you’re with your crush. It gives off an ‘unfriendly’ vibe. You want to be ‘warm,’ ‘approachable’ and most of all, ‘crush-back worthy.’

3. Angle your chest towards them & lean in

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People typically lean towards someone they like, so you should do that too. Eliminate that awkward distance by leaning in, and angling your chest towards your crush. This shows that you’re willing to be comfortable and letting your guard down. In a way, you’re opening up your heart.

4. Break the ‘touch’ barrier

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It may be intimidating to ‘make a move’ on your crush but a playful tap on the shoulder while your flirting is pretty casual, and doesn’t let out too much info. In a conversation, just touch their shoulder lightly, and it may seem small but it will let your crush know that you like them without being too obvious.

5. Nod your head

Ah, the occasional nod. How can something so simple mean so much? This response indicates that you’re listening intently, and it’s best to put all the sparkle in your eyes while you’re at it. Nodding also makes you feel more confident, and hence would make you appear more attractive. Check out these tips on how to exude confidence on a date for your next step.