Study: Couples Are Wearing Earphones To Have Better Sex

Turns out your Apple’s AirPod earphones may just have more use than just listening to music. The next time you have sex, you may want to keep your earphones on because a new study has revealed people everywhere are using it to get intimate.

In a survey done by online marketplace TickPick, experts found that sex links to music – 17% of AirPod users prefer to keep their ears plugged with their very own sex playlist while getting it on. Woah, what a way to steam things around!

Science explains: 

She explains,” Dopamine is a neurotransmitter linked with desire, wanting, craving, motivation, or anticipation of someone or something — in this instance, of our intimate partner. And endogenous opioids are the hedonic response, which includes pleasure and enjoyment.”

Music connects you and your partner in a deeper level 

A study by Sonos found that 67% of couples who listens to music out loud together were reported to have more sex than couples who don’t. This is because when you listen to music, your neurons, which are the nerve cells that transmit information throughout the body starts to operate at the same rate as your partner.

In return it releases oxytocin aka love hormones. Naturally. making things cosy enough to remove each other’s shirt.

Make you feel all lovey-dovey

Now 18% of people also admitted to dropping the word LOVE all because of a song they’ve heard. Imagine playing your love song while doing? Kind of brings back all the memories, right? Great especially for couples who want to reignite sweet memories.

Sets the sexy mood 

Surprisingly, listening to music during can help coordinate your sex rhythm. So, play the soundtrack of your sexy time from Rihanna’s S&M to unleash the stripper in you! Then slow things down with literally any track from Ed Sheeran or John Mayer. You’re now totally doing it just like in the movies!