Studies Show That People Who Frequently Use Emojis Have More Sex

Emojis are a puzzle. Don’t use them in text, and you’d be labelled as ‘cold’ and ‘unfriendly’. If you use too much, you seem childish.

Meanwhile, using the wrong emoji will send the wrong message. Hasn’t that happened to everyone before at least once?

Anyway, we have good news for frequent emoji users! A study has shown that people who use emojis have more sex. Whoa!

People who use emojis tend to go on more dates

The study by The Kinsey Institute surveyed 5000 participants and the results were clear. People who use more emojis when communicating via online channels went on more dates and had sex more frequently.

When we’re turning to apps like Tinder and Instagram as a means of communicating and ‘Finding the One,’ written communication begins to play a larger role in our romantic lives. This is when emojis may he.lp you flirt, appear more confident, and express your love.

Emojis have the ability to express intimacy

Increased emoji use contributed to positivity in relationships. It’s also correlated to an increased amount of second dates, after the first. So if you’re texting your new boo after the first date, you know what to do.

Frequent emoji users would have more likely kissed on dates and entered into relationships. Emojis are a way of expressing intimacy, and of course, it can subtly communicate how excited you are about the relationship.

Emoji dating tip: stay classy

One thing the researchers warn, though, that you may not want to use the eggplant emoji on the first date. We get that. Stay classy, even when you’re using emojis. Use the winking or heart eyes emoji instead, if you’re feeling flirty.

So, are you someone who uses a lot of emojis? 😉 Leave your favourite emoji in the comments below!