Struggling To Have Sex? Henny, You Need To Stretch!

Is flexibility a problem for you when it comes to sex? Or perhaps you lack so much stamina that you constantly struggle to stay on top for more than 2 minutes? I mean, let’s not even talk about the downward dog position when you have trouble stretching your legs that it’s taking a toll on your sex life. If you can relate, well, that must be a sign for you to loosen up those stiff muscles!

Exercising helps with flexibility and we all know that it plays a huge role in the bedroom. Apparently, 20 minutes of working out a day can make a person more sexually aroused and enjoy having sex.

On top of helping you to lose weight, tone your body and keep you healthy, exercising and stretching may also do wonders to your sex life as your body gets more flexible. You’ll get to experiment with different positions with your partner while keeping things hot and tasty.

1. Squats

If you want great ass, you’re going to need to squat. Squats are not only amazing for toning and shaping legs and booty, but this type of exercise also improves your ability to become more aroused during sex because of all the blood pumping below your waist. Not to mention, you’ll have more stamina to be on top.

2. Bridge Pose

This looks a lot like your usual sex position, but it also doubles as a yoga pose which strengthens the glutes, inner thighs, hamstrings and stretches the hip flexor. Good news for you ladies – It also tones the vagina and can lead to stronger, controlled orgasms!

3. Upward Facing Dog

Stretch your core, psoas and hip flexors with this upward facing dog position. It helps to strengthen muscle groups including the lower back, the glutes as well as the arms that are used during your wild, steamy sessions where you experiment with various sex positions.

4. Open Leg Rocker

A Pilates rolling exercise, this will strengthen the abdominal muscles and improve your balance through core control which includes the pelvic girdle and lower back. What’s more, the open-leg exercise also allows you to enhance your inner thigh flexibility, making various positions more accessible during sex.  

5. Happy Baby Pose  

The Happy Baby Pose is basically an elevated version of your favourite missionary position, so make yourself a happy lady by doing this exercise to stretch your lower back, glutes, hamstrings and hips.