Stressed? Your Workplace May Be Too Toxic For You

Why do people groan about their workplace? Is it their job or perhaps it’s because of the toxic environment? We spend a minimum of 8 hours a day at the workplace and for some, as long as 12 hours. It’s practically your second home! But if you’re always dreading to go to work, then something is definitely wrong.

Here are 6 signs your workplace could be toxic for you.

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1. Always pointing out the bad

How many times have we been in this particular situation? We perform excellently but is never recognised for the good jobs. However one tiny mistake can send us behind the closed doors of the boss’s office.  Not only that, there’s no constructive criticisms. How will we ever improve?

2. You don’t have a work-life balance

Or at least, your current work doesn’t allow that sort of privilege. Have your bosses and superiors WhatsApp text you even after working hours and on weekends? We’ve all been there! Newsflash, president of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) Abdul Halim Mansor said that employers have no right to give work orders when you have officially clocked off.
But since we care and love our jobs, we usually always do!

3. Your superiors kiss a**es and shames you

Nobody likes a butt-licker. But they do it to have a good name. At times, even throwing you under the bus even if it’s their fault. Not only that, some bosses even publicly shames their employee for all to see. Uhh, don’t be slamming those docs on my account!

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4. You feel out of place

You definitely can’t be yourself if your workplace has become this cold-concrete space. Walking in even gives you the goosebumps. You can’t wait for lunch and you just want to go home. It becomes a hostile work environment. If you’re unfamiliar, a hostile work environment is when a workplace has unwelcome remarks or conduct interferes with a employee’s work performance and causes an intimidating atmosphere for the person being harassed.

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5. Rumours, rumours, rumours 

What do unhappy employees do? They gossip and rant. Employees will channel their unhappiness with gossips and this may affect the office environment. Imagine, people gossiping about you and the boss on that rejected proposal. It just puts you down.

6. Brutal competition 

In toxic companies, employees are made to compete with each other. The “healthy”competition is really just a cover up. They rely on employees to back-stab each other in order to get excellent results. A practice that focuses on individual performance rather than a team.

What’s your workplace like? If you’re facing these, maybe it’s time you update your resume!