Stinky Armpits? Use Hand-Sanitizer As An Emergency Deo

Have there been times when you’re just rushing to go out that you accidentally left the house without applying deodorant? Don’t lie, there must have been at least that one stinky day!

Some are clever enough to keep an emergency deo in their bags but there are those who, unfortunately panic without any backups. How are you going to through the day without leaving a sour stench in the air?

Did you know, you could use hand-sanitizer as deo?

Having body odour is a major turnoff. It says a lot about one’s hygiene. Hence, you could be in trouble if you’ve forgotten to apply deo to your armpits. Don’t sweat it because all you need is a hand-sanitizer!

How does hand sanitizer work as a deodorant?

Body odour is caused by bacteria that feeds of sweat. Using an anti-bacterial wash helps to kill bacteria and in this case, so does the rubbing alcohol. Hence reducing the effects of odour in place.

Source: Bath & Body Works

But be sure to wash your armpits clean before applying saniter

If the armpits have started to smell before you can apply hand sanitizer, simply wash your armpits clean with soap and water. Make sure to dry it out properly and slap on some sanitzer to your underarms.

You can totally use anti-bacterial wipes too! 

Well you’re either a hand sanitizer or wipes kind of person. Either way, they both work as efficient as the other!