“Stashing” Is The Latest Trend That’s Ruining Millennial Relationships

Dating is full of firsts – your first kiss, your first love, the first time you say “I love you” to each other. But if you’re missing out on the first time meeting their friends, family, and if your first photo on social media doesn’t exist even if you’ve been dating for a while, you may be stashed by the newest millennial dating trend.

‘Stashing’ gives your partner an excuse to be horrible to you because, in the universe of everyone around them, you don’t exist.

More often than not when we attempt and fail to KonMari our closet, there is that jumble of stuff that’s being stashed away to the unseen. That, my friend, could be you. You could be the hidden jumble of stuff in your relationship. Find out if you are being ‘stashed.’

What is ‘stashing’?

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‘Stashing’ is a term coined by Metro UK which refers to the act of dating someone seriously, only to have them hide you away from everyone they know. First of all, no-one likes being stashed in a relationship. There may be good, explainable reasons for this behaviour, like being in a new relationship but otherwise ‘stashing’ is just plain hurtful. Read on to discover the signs you’re being ‘stashed.’

Signs you’re being ‘stashed.’

1. They’ve met all your people. Your friends, your family, your pets, but you haven’t met theirs. Not one.

2. If you ask to meet their people, your partner will find appropriate excuses, like ‘oh no, my friends are shy’ but you’ve been going out for like, four months already! No-one else from his people know you’re dating, and that makes you feel somewhat bad.

3. If your partner taking a photo of your food date for the ‘gram, he’ll take a photo of his food, not yours, not you. Maybe your hand is in the photo but he won’t tag you when it’s uploaded. It’s like you don’t even exist. If you ever ask him about it, he will question why you even bother so much about social media when your feelings for each other are ‘so real.’

What to do if you’re being ‘stashed.’

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Before you jump to conclusions, it’s best to talk it out with your partner. Maybe he has his reasons to ‘stash’ you, like prejudice from family members. Then again, maybe some guys just don’t understand how much girls love to be hyped, especially on social media.

‘Stashing’ only applies when you’re in a serious relationship, not a new, or casual one. Keep in mind that your partner may shut you down and claim that you’re exaggerating, which is gaslighting technique. If your discussion about his stashy behaviour is going nowhere, maybe your relationship is going nowhere.

You don’t deserve to be stashed. You’re brilliant, and you’re probably better off with someone who is happy to show you off to his friends, family and followers on social media. Bye, stasher!