8 Ways To Know If Your Bras Have Expired

Your bra’s sole purpose in life is to support you and lift you up — kind of like a best friend for your breasts. However, most of us don’t always pick bras as carefully as we choose our friends, because God knows how expensive those lacy things can be.

Once you’ve found a few favourite pair of bras that fit you well, it’s easy to hold onto them for a little too long, even until the underwire pops out. Heck, if you’re anything like me, you’d rather put duct tape over the wire to prevent scratches instead of buying new ones, because nobody will see them anyway, right?

While yes, people won’t see your undies.. do you realise that you’re actually walking around in “dead” bras? Yikes!

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Technically, you can still use them even though they’ve expired, but it’s like wearing shoes that are the wrong size — Super uncomfortable and doesn’t offer adequate support, which might give a nasty effect to your body in the long run.

Here are some signs that it’s time to say goodbye:

  1. When it has become too tight that it suffocates the life out of you
  2. When the straps are so stretched out that they keep falling off your shoulders
  3. When it’s covered in stains or tiny black dots
  4. When your band or cup has holes in it
  5. When your body has changed and you need a new size
  6. When molded cups have lost their shape
  7. When wires poke through the cup
  8. When the hooks are broken or ripped out

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The best way to expand the shelf life of your bras is to own more than 3-5 pairs to rotate, so you’re not tempted to reach for the same one everyday. Don’t wear the same bra two days in a row. Giving your bras a day of rest will help the elastic relax and last longer.

Wash them properly. Prolonged exposure to hot water can break down the bra’s elasticity over time, so use cold water instead. Plus, hand-washing is gentler to bras than chucking them in the washing machine.

Always hang the bras by the center gore, which is the part that attaches the two cups. The flip side of that rule is this: Don’t hang your bras to dry by their straps. The weight of the wet bra will cause the straps to stretch out.

Lastly, invest in quality bras. I won’t drop names but there’s a very popular bra company out there that makes undergarments so damn well. Look for sturdy elastic, reliable stitching and trustworthy material.

If you don’t know where to shop, check out some of our favourite undergarment stores below:

1. La Senza

2. Wacoal

3. Sloggi

4. Cotton On Body

5. Victoria’s Secret