“Spank Me, Daddy.” – Everything You Need To Know About Erotic Spanking

Although it was once a type of punishment, as an adult, spanking can be really hot.

Erotic spanking is a form of foreplay that uses the element of consensual impact, that uses hands or tools to strike parts of one’s body, preferably the booty.

Are you ready for this? Here is everything you need to know before asking your partner to grab a paddle.

Why do some people find spanking erotic?

If you like spanking, it doesn’t mean you have daddy issues or whatever. Scientifically speaking, spanking is actually pleasurable. The impact of spanking releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals like dopamine, adrenaline, oxytocin and endorphins in your brain to reverse the initial feeling of pain and turns in into pleasure.

How to tell your partner that you want to try this?

“Spank me, daddy,” may only work for some partners who already have certain kinks, so it’s best to be forward about this. Some people may associate spanking with abuse, and showing visuals of this may allow them to consider a different perspective to spanking. For the ones with kinks, you could probably make a “mistake” and ask your partner to “punish” you during foreplay.

A guide to spanking/ being spanked without hurting yourself

Contrary to popular belief, spanking doesn’t have to be confined to the world of BDSM and sex dungeons, unless that is your kinda thang. You could come up with a safe word with your partner, something specific like “apple” because an exclamation of actual pain can be perceived as pleasure, and we don’t want that.

While the receiver is bent at the waist, the spanking should start soft and intensify from one to another. The spanker can use the palms of their hands or a paddle to do the work.