South Korean YouTuber Dawn Lee Documents Her Cancer Journey

South Korean Beauty YouTuber Dawn Lee’s life took an unexpected, and unpleasant turn when she was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in February this year. With beauty being a big part of her career, she found it hard to just show the ‘pretty’ side of things after her diagnosis.

Soon after she was diagnosed, she underwent chemotherapy and was prescribed anti-cancer drugs, all of which has its side effects. One of which was hair loss. She would get a shock every morning after seeing chunks of hair on her pillow. To make her hair loss less noticeable, her boyfriend changed her bed sheets to dark-coloured ones.

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But of course, her hair loss didn’t stop there, so she decided to shave it all off. She asked the hairstylist for a ‘skinhead’ and seemed calm when he started the procedure. She broke down when he began shaving her hair, but she managed to assure herself and her audience that “Hair grows back.”

Soon, she was at the hospital again. Dawn got a chemo port attached to her chest. She was terrified to look at it at first but afterwards decided to view it as a medal of honour. It means that she’s still fighting.

“For those who are having a similar illness as me, or if their family is watching this video, I think it would be a little comfort to them.”

You will survive this, Dawn! Thank you for sharing your story. Fighting!


  • ankita singha


    dawn,we are always gonna no matter what happens 🙂

    8 June 2019
  • ankita singha


    dawn,we are always gonna be there for u no matter what happens 🙂

    8 June 2019
  • Aura


    I honestly do hope and pray that she recovers fast ❤

    18 July 2019