South Korean Women Are Reverse-Tanning & It’s Not What You Think

If you’re into tanning and getting a bit of that sunny glow after a vacation, you probably wouldn’t have heard of reverse-tanning.

Why would you get a tan and then reverse it anyway? Adding some colour to our skin and soaking up vitamin D would do wonders!

Unfortunately, in South Korea, skin colour still matters quite a bit, with many idols sporting pale, milky white skin. How do they do it? Apparently, there is a popular treatment in the region known as “white tanning.”

What is white tanning/ reverse tanning?

According to Refinery29, despite its namesake, reverse tanning doesn’t actually reverse the effects of sun exposure on your skin. Yet, there isn’t much whitening happening either. The real reason the treatment is so popular in Korea is because white tanning, or red-light therapy, actually promises to even out your skin tone.

How does reverse tanning work?

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It seems like NASA is responsible for the creation of this phenomenal treatment. The scientists at NASA developed a technology to treat wounds in space, by helping to stimulate the body to heal itself. A long wavelength of infrared light penetrates deep into one’s skin layers to energize fibroblast cells, and hence boosting collagen and elastin production.

Most red light therapies are designed specifically for the face. In South Korean aesthetic clinics, however, you can sit inside a container while an infrared light machine works its magic on your body.

Korean celebrities are quite fond of white tanning

Source: Soompi

More often than not, for photoshoots, South Korean celebrities get a tan beforehand to achieve the right appearance for the said shoot, and then they’d want to reverse the tan altogether. Shin Min Ah, who starred in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho is reportedly a fan of this after-shoot treatment.

What do you think? Misleading name aside, reverse tanning does have some healing benefits. Would you go for this signature Seoul treatment? Let us know!