Someone Exposed Actress Janna Nick Is Legally Married In Southern Thailand

An individual on Twitter accused actress Janna Nick and her lover, actor Dini Azan Schatzmann, of being legally married in southern Thailand last year. 

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Already missing u @dinischatzmann 🥺 (Btw, Tu muka dia tengah beletiaq 😂😂)

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Netizen who goes by the name @munafiqburner shared a piece of letter proving that Jana and Dini including their full name and identity card number claimed that the wedding took place in  Satul district in Thailand on June 10, 2019. 

One tweet from @munafiqburner also claimed that Janna and Dini had fled there.

Meanwhile, the host of entertainment programme ‘Melodi’ already reached out and slammed rumour mongers for spreading “false news” about her.

She plans to take legal action against individuals who make those allegations, according to NST.  In a news report made on Friday, she said there’s no reason for her and beau to marry in secret outside of Malaysia, as she and Dini have family at home.

The person or persons could be charged under the Personal Data Protection Act. Anyway, happy Ramadan and pray that Malaysia is free of Covid-19,

#LikelySays: Whether this is real news or fake news, let’s all take a moment to reflect on ourselves in this holy month of Ramadan. Focus more on ourselves rather than exposing people’s business and personal information. Okay?