Soften Your RBF With The South Korean ‘Lift Edge’ Lip Filler

Some of us aren’t naturally smiley. We’re those ladies that people will ask to smile more, and it’s not like we don’t want to.

Besides radiating constant disdain, we can’t seem to get rid of that resting b*tch face.

Thankfully, a type of lip filler from Seoul can help us out with our ‘face problem’ so we don’t have to pull up the corners of our lips to smile, ever again.

What is the ‘lift edge lips’ filler?

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Well, this filler is named after the direct Korean-to-English translation, meaning the ‘lifting of the smile.’ To create a smiling appearance, the outer corners of your lips will be injected with hyaluronic acid at an upward angle, which causes your lips to be upturned all the time – like a Mona Lisa smile.

Other reasons people get the ‘lift edge lips’ filler

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This lip filler isn’t just about looking friendly without much effort. Mature women opt for this procedure if they feel like their lips are starting to sag. Some patients choose the filler after going through injections to volumize the centre of their lips.

Thankfully, you can apply lip gloss almost 24-hours after the procedure, or once the swelling has gone down, unless your doctor says otherwise.

The results

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The lift edge lip filler raises the edge of your lips and defines your cupid bow so your lips appear more prominent. Lip fillers tend to last between six months to a year, because we use our lips so much throughout the day, for talking, chewing, and even actually smiling. Swelling can happen for two or three days after the surgery, so remember to consult your dermatologist before you make any big decisions.