Top 3 Skincare Tips For Your Neck

When it comes to skincare, our face usually comes first. We’d slather product upon product onto our face, but have you thought about the skincare for your neck?

Our neck often shows the signs of ageing more quickly than our face, due to gravity, sun damage and lack of skincare.

If that scares you (well, it sure does scare us!) then we’ve got your back with the best skin care tips for your neck.

1. SPF is important

It’s easy – just remember to apply SPF onto your neck every morning the same time as you apply it on your face. Over time, your neck and chest may get sunburnt as it’s often left exposed to the sun. This is the best step to keeping the skin on your neck looking youthful for years to come. Besides that, wearing SPF reduces the risk of skin cancer, so it’s a good habit to practice overall.

2. Beware of retinol

Just because AHAs and retinol are ingredients commonly used in anti-ageing skincare products, it doesn’t mean that it’ll work the same way on your neck. It may cause more irritation and dryness on your neck’s skin, so remember to do a patch test before bringing your anti-ageing products down to your neck.

3. Regular skincare products work just as well on your neck

You don’t need a skincare product specifically targeted to the skin on your neck. Regular anti-ageing products or moisturisers work just as well for your neck. Products that contain collagen and brightening ingredients would work best to target any issues on your neck. If you’re just starting out with neck care, you can simply pat your skincare products down to your neck when you’re doing your skincare routine.

If you’re searching for some skincare products, we’ve got your back with a few recommendations. FYI, Likely may earn an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links.

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