Siti Nurhaliza Receives Free Products After Being Called ‘’Motherfu**er!’’ By An Online Shop

Every business has its own marketing strategy, from the aspect of advertising, promotion, to customer service. Yet this eye accessory store called @nopeetstore has a rather unusual approach from other merchants in selling their products. 

Their unique strategy was experienced by country’s number one singer, Dato ‘Sri Siti Nurhaliza when she shared a post on Instagram about a month ago where she was shocked upon receiving a note that had the word “motherf**ker”, along with the product. 

(Source: Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza)

As a result, many fans slammed the accessory shop’s marketing strategy. However, this Finland-based eye accessory store has already issued a statement that this is their ‘trademark’ and unique way of thanking their customers. The brand is known to use such a method since their first establishment. In a recent interview with “Melodi”, the famous songstress explained more about her experience purchasing the item online. 

According to her, “I thought I was scammed, because I bought three sets of the face shields. The price is very expensive!” After she checked on @nopeetstore’s official website, Siti then realised that the message is part of their marketing style. Even though according to fans, it was a bit rude and unprofessional. 

Following the viral incident, Siti received another email from the store. The 41-years-old mother of one added that the company wasn’t aware that someone “influential with a large number of followers” had purchased their product—and it only came to their attention after netizens began to attack their page. As a result, the company offered to gift Siti with a free product based on the options available as an olive branch. In return, the Malaysian songstress could promote the brand to her followers on Instagram. All good, they apologized, we moved on.