Sisters In Fashion: Recreating Icons

Sisters Danielle and Nicole, twins with a penchant for vintage fashion have been making waves with their fashion recreations of well-loved cartoon characters, famous celebrities and even, art! With the Instagram handle “@bettyberry“, they share their vintage finds and own designs to take us on a trip back to the 80s. Named after their grandmothers, Betty and Berenice, here are some of the amazing recreations we can’t get enough of!


1. American Gothic Meets American Vintage


2. “If Disney Villian’s Dressed Like Betty Berry”

I honestly can’t decide if I love the Queen of Hearts, Gaston or Hades most! Which is your fave?


3. Fictional Characters ala 80’s Fashion

Would totes love to hang with Lilo & Stitch!

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Some of our fave dress ups we’ve done inspired by fictional characters ✨ who is your ultimate favourite? 1. Aurora 2. Pinocchio 3. Harry & Ron 4. Snow White 5. Anna & Elsa 6. Bubbles 7. Scarecrow 8. Belle 9. Lilo & Stitch 10. Cowardly Lion As a side note we also wanna say thank you sooo much for the crazy response for our jeans release, you’ve made us feel warm n gooey inside 💗

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4. The One With The Twins

Phoebe: Ursula!
Ursula: Oh.
Phoebe: Wait! It’s me, Phoebe.
Ursula: Oh, I thought there was a mirror there.


5. That’s My Sister

Even if you’re tired of seeing Frozen merchandise all over malls, this fresh take will have you falling in love with the sisters all over again.


6. Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

How ’bout adding in a little vintage twist?

If you’re worried about the tonnes of outfit changes they’ve done, don’t worry – the sisters have pledged to lessen their environmental impact by shopping vintage and reselling them on their website!