Single? Maybe It’s Because You’re Every Man’s Worst Nightmare

Have you been dating around, yet you’re pretty much still single and avalaible? The problem could be you! So yes, while you have been active, going around, meeting people, you might have been putting yourself out there the wrong way.

Here are five signs you’re every man’s worst nightmare to date.

1. You never listen 

couple dining out

All you do is talk and talk about yourself. But sometimes, it’s nice for your date to talk about their day. Let them speak up and ask more questions about them. This is also a good sign for your date to know that you’re interested in them.

2. Always on your phone 

woman and woman sitting on dock both holding one smartphone

Well, it’s actually kind of rude to ignore your date while you’re busy scrolling through social media. Unless it’s an emergency, best to keep your phone in your purse and focus the attention to your date. After all, they made time to get to know you!

3. Talking about exes – a lot! 

couple sitting near table inside cafe

Save the ex-talk for another day, definitely not on the first date. It’s fine to talk about your relationship status, recently broken up or if you’ve been single for years. Just keep it on the surface, or he might just get the signal that you’re not over your ex!

4. You “humble” brag 

woman kissing man's cheek at daytime

Ladies, you don’t like it when a guy boasts about himself, so don’t do it to your either. We know, you might just want to impress him but it can be a major turn off if you do too much. He doesn’t need to know everything on that one date!

5. Rude much! 

man wearing black collared top sitting on chair in front of table and woman wearing multicolored top

You’re nasty to the waiter, people around you and even to your date. It can be a little embarrassing to be someone who loses their cool. Politeness is always the key to impressing someone!