Singer Neeta Manisha Fires Back At Trolls Over Irrational Comparison To Pavithra

26-year-old host and singer, Neeta Manishaa Manogaran, has stood her ground against netizens and trolls that are pitting her against Youtube cooking sensation, S Pavithra. Despite the incident being from earlier on this month, considering all that has happened to the youtube couple, Neeta’s tweet about the incident has resurfaced. In her tweet, Neeta sarcastically hit back at haters who commented on Neeta’s use of English on a TV show. In response to comments that she should have spoken in BM as she’s in Malaysia, she said,


I spoke english on tv and y’all be comparing me to queen pavithra……. let’s pretend my 10 malay songs dont exist then.”



Speaking to mStar, Neeta elaborated,

I was stunned when people compared me to Pavithra, I thought that was extreme. For me, you can’t compare two different people. Indeed Pavithra is more eloquent than I am.”


After the two women were pitted together, Neeta continued,


I want to also speak Malay fluently like her, but I got the shock when people compare us but for me, I’ve sung ten songs in Malay. I enjoy filming the program, but when people focus on the language I use compared to the program content … I become bitter. But I did not blame Pavithra either because I am very fond of her. I wish the best for her.”


She made a point that she has always sung in Malay, being the founder and main vocalist of local band iamNEETA, alongside Patrick Anohada and Anas Zakwan. iamNeeta is famed for their single, “Ilusi”, that was used as the official soundtrack for the hit drama ‘Sweet Dreams’.



Neeta continued in a tweet that she had a mixture of accents that’s she was not going to change because that would not be true to herself.



After sharing her well wishes for Pavithra, Neeta urged netizens to be more careful and sensitive about what they post, as what they say may have a bigger impact on the people involved than they may think.






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