5 Signs You’re Truly Posh, Even Though You Try To Hide It

Being posh isn’t about having a lot of disposable income. So, some of us can be posh without realizing it, until now that is.

Poshness is so much more than the things you have, it’s all about the things you do and how you do them. It has nothing to do with being an influencer but has everything to do with how you influence.

Be posh, be proud, and here are five signs that prove you’re truly posh. Don’t try to hide it (spoiler alert: you can’t).

1. You’re all about looking “presentable” for when you meet people

No surprise visits for you! You need to be absolutely dolled up for when you meet people. Meeting people in your “natural beauty” simply freaks you out. Just a dab of lipstick, some mascara, blush and concealer – now it’s off to the grocery store with Posh You!

2. You have a hyphen “-” in your name

They say the poshest people have a hyphen in their name. Your parents must have been posh people too, to give you a fancy name like that. Now Elizabeth-Mary Chan may not be a royal family member, but her name suggests that she’s of royal manners and fancies. You probably hold a cup of tea with your pinkies up, naturally.

3. You speak with an English or American accent

Even if you say the Malaysian “lah” you’ll sound like you’re faking it, so you speak with your real accent, an American or English one that you’ve gained from watching too many TV programmes. As a truly posh person needs posh words to fill their conversations, you tend to use words like, “gallivanting,” and “dapper” in your regular vocab.

4. You don’t eat with your hands

Posh people simply don’t have the skill to eat with their hands. If you’re eating a burger or a sandwich, you wouldn’t mind using your hands, but it’s always best if utensils are available. You’re particularly an expert at using chopsticks to pick up a few grains of rice at one time or pick apart slivers of meat.

5. You have proper pyjamas to wear to bed

Only the poshest people would invest in different clothes to wear when they go to sleep. While regular unposh people wear shorts and tee-shirts, you invest in a good set of satin pyjamas in all the different colours – one for every day of the week. These PJs probably look good enough to do all that meeting people.

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