5 Signs You’re A VSCO Girl a.k.a. The Modern Tumblr Girl

The VSCO (pronounced as “vis-co”) girl is also known as the modern Tumblr girl, according to Urban Dictionary.

Back when Tumblr was taking over the Internet by storm, Tumblr girls wrote fanfiction, owned a blog (probably) and rocked sneakers everywhere they went.

As for VSCO girls, they are obsessed with creating the perfect, California-sunshine filtered post for Instagram. These girls inherited captivating captions, perfectly winged eyeliner and general knowledge on what makes life so aesthetically pleasing.

1. You use VSCO to filter almost all your photos

You’d never use the hashtag “#nofilter” because you’d be lying anyway. But your filters are classy, sun-kissed and have such a cheery vibe to them that we can’t be mad!

2. You tend to use “millennial” slang when texting

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Sunday night mood 😩

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Some form of millennial slang would be “sksks” or “… and I oop!” You’re probably thinking about it but you may not say it in real life because not everyone understands VSCO girl language.

3. You probably wear Crocs

… or Birkenstocks and Vans. Either way, your shoes are a part of your identity and you take your taste in footwear very seriously.

4. You call yourself an “Island Girl”

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Day off be like 🌸

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Whether you actually live on an island or enjoy island holidays (hello, Perhentian!), you’d consider yourself a true “Island Girl.” It all helps with your Instagram feed’s aesthetics, of course!

5. Your nails are always done

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French Drip😍💗💗💗✨

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Your manicures are usually a conversation starter (“Wow, what gorgeous nails you have), and it really matters because those nails have to look 100% perfect in photos, for the aesthetics, of course.