7 Signs That Prove Your Partner Is “The One”

Before you tie the know, there’s always this one question on your mind – how do you know if your partner is “The One”?

In monogamous relationships, it’s important to recognize that deciding to spend your whole life with someone takes a lot of effort, dedication and commitment. You wouldn’t want to be wasting your time with someone who isn’t meant for you. Unfortunately, we don’t have magic tattoos that appear when we find our soulmate, so we’ll have to look out for the signs ourselves.

So, how do you know if you’ve found “The One?” Is it the butterflies in your tummy, the warmth in your partner’s embrace, the way you look at each other with starry eyes and the eternal love that radiates from within? Look out for these signs and see if you’ve found your soulmate.

1. You can see a future together… and it doesn’t scare you.

Getting hitched or committed to each other forever doesn’t scare you. You honestly don’t dread a future with your partner, in fact, you want it. The vision of your future fills your heart with joy and warmth. It’s a future filled with safety, stability, and most of all, love. Of course, you’ve talked about the future together with your partner

2. Your partner isn’t perfect, and neither are you… but that’s okay.

It sounds cliche but nobody’s perfect. Everyone is bound to have their own flaws, not-so-cute quirks, and potentially irritating habits. When you’ve found “The One,” you won’t simply put up with their imperfections, you’ll love them in spite of it. It’s pretty difficult to change a person, so if their flaws are irritating now, you won’t simply get used to it, ever. Maybe they’re messy eaters, disorganized, or really clingy… but if these aren’t dealbreakers then yeah, you’ve found the one! You’ll probably have little imperfections too, but your partner will ultimately love you in spite of it. Isn’t it nice to be loved and accepted even if you’re not perfect? Hell yeah!

3. You bring out the best in each other.

So, we’ve already established that nobody is perfect, but there is such a thing as improving together. A healthy relationship full of support and love from both parties will bring out the best in each other, and not the worst. When your partner fully supports your choices to be better, and pushes you closer towards your ambitions, you’ll know that he’s the one. Of course, you’d do the same for him too. As for those imperfections, you’ll both grow up and get better over time.

4. Even if your relationship isn’t perfect… you’re both working on it.

Having a perfectly smooth and easy relationship is pretty unrealistic for most couples – but guess what? Relationships can get tough, and it’s not all lovey-dovey sometimes. Yet, every time you both face an issue in your relationship, you’ll work together to find a solution instead of arguing. You’re not afraid of confiding in your partner even if you think they may be uncomfortable with it, because they won’t react badly. Instead, you’ll embrace each other

5. You have a similar halal-to-haram ratio

Having a similar halal-to-haram ratio simply means that you share the same values, goals and sense of humor. Being in a relationship isn’t just about having similar interests – which is cool – but your sense of humor has to be similar too. How can you live with someone you don’t think is funny? Plus, even if you have different interests, you’re both fully supportive of each other’s preferences. When you have right halal-to-haram ratio, you’ll share the same beliefs and get along so unbelievably well.

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6. It just feels right

Trust your instincts. If your intuition is telling you that he’s the one, then he probably is. You know you best, and you’re the best judge of what’s a healthy and comfortable relationship. When you enjoy spending time with each other and look forward to seeing each other every day, you’ve probably found “The One.”

7. Making out or having sex is more than just physical contact

When you get physical with your partner, it’s more than just a wham bam sesh. You fall in love with each other, and connect, emotionally and spiritually. You don’t just bang for the sake of lust, you seek solace in each other when you make out or have sex. It’s pretty difficult to explain because we perceive that sex is just sexy, but getting steamy with your soulmate goes beyond naughty – it’s like the difference between making love and having sex.

Have you found “The One” yet? If you have, lucky you! If you haven’t, don’t worry. You’ll find him or her soon! We are all rooting for you!