5 Signs That Prove You’re A True ABG (Asian Baby Girl)

If you didn’t know it yet, ABG refers to an Asian Baby Girl or Asian Baby Gangster.

Asian Baby Girls tend to thrive, both socially and aesthetically. These are the girls who know the value of Instagram, bubble tea and all things trendy. Click here to find out which type of ABG are you.

Are you a true ABG? Check out these signs that prove you’re a true Asian Baby Girl.

1. Your hair is hella blonde

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pretty girls like trap music

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We’re going platinum blonde, baby! you don’t worry about split ends and melted roots. Your hair is bleached to the core, signifying the most important rite of passage to ABG-hood. ABGs like to stand out in a crowd, and so do you. Of course, you’re good at making it look effortless AF with lots of conditioners, treatments, and sulfate-free shampoos.

2. You love bubble tea more than life itself

Bubble tea is life. If there’s a new Xing Fu Tang outlet opening in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be the first to line up, or one of them anyway. Bubble tea is the number one theme on your Instagram stories. Tiger Sugar, Tealive, Daboba –  we name it, you’ve tried it all.

3. Your makeup game is stronger than Hulk.

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Winged liner – check. Extra falsies – check. Brow game – strong. Your makeup skills are so perfected, and you wouldn’t dare go out without winged liner on. Some people think you’re a beauty guru, but the truth is, your makeup skills are just on so point, it fascinates people how your winged liner doesn’t cut into their souls.

4. You hit the clubs pretty often

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✨💖girls only💖✨

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The party don’t start ’til you walk in. One mark of an Asian Baby Girl is the fact that you really like to party, and you’re not ashamed of it. You’ll be on the dance floor, downing pints of Hennessy, and partying all the way ’til dawn. You’re there to have fun with your other ABG sisters, after all, and maybe score a date.

5. Your Instafashion game is unbeatable

There is no such thing as being overdressed or overeducated for a true Asian Baby Girl. You’re dressed to kill, every day (and of course, in case you run into your ex). ABGs favour tattoos and gear toward a more edgy street-style. When you see her, you’ll know her.

6. You probably own a cute, small dog

Every ABG has a spirit animal who also happens to be her pet. Maybe a toy poodle or a cute pug. Why a cute, small dog? Well, they’re secretly fierce behind such a heartwarming exterior, much like their owners. Don’t mess with ABGs.