4 Signs That Prove Your Partner Loves You – Unconditionally

Unconditional love is the kind of love that wraps you up in layers of fuzzy warmth and allows you to be 100% yourself. It’s the kind of love that doesn’t know the term, “I will love you if you do this/ behave this way/ act like this.”

When someone loves you unconditionally, you can let your guard down and be authentic without fearing judgement. When your partner loves you unconditionally, you feel safe, secure, and you know that he will never abandon you.

It’s probably the best kind of love there is. Maybe the greatest love of all is happening to you. Here are four signs that prove your significant other loves you, unconditionally.

1. He takes care of you when you don’t feel well

Being sick is especially unattractive and uncomfortable. How your partner acts around you when you’re feeling under the weather (period cramps, am I right?) is a sign of how he really feels about you. If he’s eager to take care of you and wait on you, bringing you tissues while you’re sneezing your eyeballs out – that’s a sign of unconditional love.

2. When you screw up, he gets over it

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Let’s face it, neither you or your partner are perfect people. You’ll both make mistakes – either in the relationship, financially, or career-wise. Sometimes, your mistakes may even upset your partner, and he’ll probably let you know about it. But then he takes your hand and says, “That’s OK. Let’s forget this ever happened.” And that, he does. He does not remind you about your mistake – it’s forgotten.

3. He sticks up for you, no matter what

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When someone loves you unconditionally, he always sticks up for you, no matter how uncomfortable or awkward is the situation. He doesn’t just love you when it’s convenient, he loves you all the time. For example, if you and his family member disagree on something, he will surely take your side even when he’s risking his own reputation.

4. He’s honest with you, and would never hurt your feelings

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When your partner loves you unconditionally, he’s willing to share his honest feelings with you. Maybe he’s afraid of moving in together or making mistakes in the relationship, and he would willingly share that with you. He would never go out to hurt your feelings, though. If he feels that something about you irritates him (eg: your hair all over the shower floor), he will mention it to you in a kind way. Like, “Hey, your hair gets all over the shower floor. Would it be OK if you picked it up from time to time?”