Shy Extroverts Exists! Are You One?

When you think about extroverts, they’re usually loud, outspoken and the life of the party! But what if we told you, there is such thing as a shy extrovert?

All my life, I was thought to believe that I was a strong extrovert but I can be shy too, though not shy enough to be an introvert. Honestly, I’m pretty timid – that is till I become comfortable with the situation.

Is it possible that you’re a shy extrovert too?

1. You feel awkward at parties/events

So much that you always need someone to be there with you. Going to new places can be really intimidating because you’re in a foreign environment!

2. A great listener

We’re really great at asking questions and we’ve developed another skill – listening. Honestly, we rarely get tired of listening, in fact, we do genuinely want to listen because we care. Contrary to belief that introverts are better listeners, so are shy extroverts.

3. Super good at keeping secrets

We sincerely love listening to other people. Hence we don’t feel the need to become the center of attention. That is why, we can keep secrets because we don’t need to be in the conversation by spilling the tea.

4. Public speaking? No, thanks! 

It is known to everyone that extroverts just loveeee talking. But not shy extroverts, especially when it comes to public speaking. It’s nerve-wracking and the worse part, all eyes are on us and we’re in a position for people to judge us!

While many extroverts love talking in front of crowds, shy extroverts can’t stand it. Public speaking is everything we dislike. We are the center of attention, we are not able to observe those around us, and we are set up in a position where we may be judged. Shy extroverts aren’t as confident as they may be perceived!

5. We need time to recharge

Just like introverts, socialising in large groups can be overwhelming! So we’re always up for some ‘me time’.  Whether it’s binging on our favourite shows or just spending the day sleeping, we really enjoy our time alone.